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Officially, the Rush Lake Hills G.C. season runs from April 1st through October 31st. Unofficially, we will be open earlier than April 1st and/or later than October 31st weather permitting.

Actually, coming from Pettysville Road, you will come upon Herndon Dr. on your right about 200 yards before the actual mailbox for the course. There is an orange entrance sign at the corner of Herndon Dr. and Rush Lake Rd. Herndon Drive is the first asphalt topped drive you will come to after turning off Pettysville Rd

Due to the fragile nature of turf-grass, tennis shoes and soft-spikes are the preferred form of footwear. Metal spikes are ABSOLUTELY not allowed

Although we’re pretty casual here at Rush lake, in respect to every one of our customers, sleeveless shirts for men are not allowed. Sleeveless shirts for women are allowed if they have collars. Ripped or torn denim is not allowed

Because we have a beer and liquor license the act of bringing any form of alcohol (not purchased in our clubhouse) onto the property is prohibited by the State of Michigan. Any alcohol not purchased from our clubhouse will be immediately confiscated.

You must be minimum 18 years of age to be allowed to drive a powered golf cart. Having a golf partner or parent with an underaged person does not exempt a minor from this rule.